Chocolate has been around for centuries, and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, chocolate is one of the most widely consumed products in the world. Whether you’re shipping out candy or other types of chocolate items, you need to know how to package them in custom boxes. Here are some tips to help in chocolate packaging supplies:

Choose the right size box

The size of your box will depend on how much product you want to ship. If you’re shipping 1pound bags of chocolate chips, then a smaller box may be appropriate. However, if you’re shipping out large bars or blocks of chocolate, then a larger box may be required.

Use cushioning material inside the box

Chocolate can break easily, so use something soft like bubble wrap or packing peanuts when packaging it in custom boxes to protect it from damage during shipping.

Put more than one item in each box

Instead of putting several items into a single box, try separating them into smaller boxes so that each item gets its own space within the larger container. This will make sure that nothing gets broken during shipping because everything was packaged properly for protection against shocks and bumps during transit.

Use foil & plastic wraps

Wrap each piece of chocolate with foil or plastic wrap before placing it in the box so that it does not get scratched or damaged during shipping. This will also help keep the chocolate from melting while being transported.

Use foil-lined boxes

Foil-lined boxes have an interior coating that protects the product from moisture and air. This helps ensure that the chocolate won’t get damaged during shipping or storage.

Use color-coordinated boxes

Color coordination makes your products look beautiful on display shelves or in gift baskets. It also makes them easier for customers to find when they’re shopping online at home or in store displays.

Choose the right design for your box

There are many different types of custom boxes available for chocolate packaging. The most common type of box is the stand up or flat top design. This design features a lid that flips open from the top and reveals an inner tray upon which the chocolates sit. Other options include shoeboxes and gift boxes with lids or drawers for storing extra treats and gifts.

Customize your chocolate box

You can also make your packaging even more personal by adding text to your custom boxes. You might want to include your company name or logo on one side of the box so that the recipient remembers who gave them their gift when they see it


When you’re looking to create a custom box to package a chocolate product you have to think about many factors. If it’s a special day at your house when you receive those little pieces of chocolate heaven, then you should give the gift of a custom box that is just as delicious!

Always remember you have more control over the success of your gift baskets. So, as you’re thinking of how to present your gifts. First impressions are everything! Don’t risk your hard work going unnoticed. Packaging is a powerful choice that can make or break the success of your gift baskets, so don’t hesitate to make sure that you get it right.


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