How to calculate the exact cost of Injection molding is simple. It is an addition of different cost factors, including the raw materials, machinery, profits, tax, amongst others. Also, the brand making the mold rack is an important factor that will influence every form of cost. Depending on the size, you may pay thousands of dollars. In this guide, we will discuss the factors Affecting molding costs.

Factors Influencing The Cost of Injection molding

Injection molding is not exactly an expensive venture where you are paying the highest amounts of money. Usually, when you notice there is a high price on the mold cost, it is usually the buyer’s fault or the seller’s. The seller may pride themselves as a luxury brand that takes no interest in selling cheap items. Now, that does not mean that it is the best brand in the world, but it means you should not expect cheap goods. Also, the buyer may be asking for different types of features in their Injection mold. Each of these features will affect the cost. Some other factors that will influence how much you will pay for the Injection mold include;

The quantity

Different brands produce diverse types of injection molds with varying types of material. The way each brand bills you for their service is never the same as the other. That is because each brand understands how they got their respective materials and their machines. However, as with any other business, the quantity you need has a direct effect on how much you will pay. You do not expect to pay $10 for ten molds while another person pays $20 for the same 10 molds. If there will be a difference in the price, it will be because of the quality being produced. Usually, the larger quantity you need, the more your negotiating power of negotiating.

The type of material

There are different types of materials used for Injection molding. It could be metallic, plastic, or any other type of material. The price you will pay for a mold is greatly influenced by the material used. First, sourcing for these materials is not an easy feat. For instance, you may find copper as a metal easily because of the popularity of copper wires. But when you want to look for another metal like aluminum, you may need to search higher. That is because aluminum is not used in so much abundance as the copper option. If they spend lots of money trying to buy the raw material, it will affect the total cost. Also, if a particular material requires complex processes for production, you will have to pay more.

The design complications

The design for Injection molds differs per company and material. For instance, a plastic injection mold can get produced in less than ten seconds, depending on the system. The metallic model is not slow; also, it only depends on the labor experience and expertise. The faster the labor and machine processing, the faster you will produce the items. As a result, the cost of producing the items. Also, if the company does not have the proper machinery for the job, it will take more time.


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